Wednesday, 4 July 2012

How to wig or add hair to a miniature doll

When I first started sculpting I searched the net for tutorial on how to apply hair to miniature dolls but didn't find much at all, so I thought I'd show you how I do it.

Firstly you will need some tacky or PVA Glue (I prefer PVA - I get into a terrible mess with tacky glue, its just too tacky for me) a small pair of scissors, a needle or thin piece of wire, some dolls hair of your choice and a bald headed doll.

Firstly cut a small piece of hair (I'm using curly hair in the photo, so it looks a bit messy) and apply a smear of glue to one end. Less is more in this case. Don't add too much glue as it will seep through the hair and show on the other side.

Wrap the hair over the needle or piece of wire and pinch for a moment until the glue sets, then carefully slide out the needle. This should give you a neat edge to the hair which will become your partin.
You need to create two sections of hair with a neat edge to act as both sides of the partin.
Next you need to apply  a section of hair to the back of the doll's head. Apply the glue ear to ear and gently press the section of hair along it. ( you don't need to neaten the edge of this hair as it will be covered up by the two front pieces.)

Then decide which side you want the partin to be on and apply a thin layer of glue onto the sides of the  head. Glue the two pieces into place making sure the two neat edges butt up to each other to create a side partin.
Then wait patiently for the hair to dry thoroughly before attempting to cut and style. I'm not the most patient person and have ruined many attempts at wigging by attempting to style the hair too soon and have created a terrible gluey mess. Hope this helps!