About me

I absolutely LOVE Arts & Crafts.  I've been crafting, painting and drawing since I was five years old. Rarely a day goes by when I haven't had a paint brush in my hand or an idea in my head.  I have had no formal training (except O'level Art at school) and am mainly self taught using library books and the web.

I was born in Hornchurch, Essex (UK)  but now live in the village of Hockley, not far from Southend -on-sea, Essex. I have a son, Nicholas (born 2001) and a lovely husband Paul. We try to live a simple peaceful life enjoying the local countryside and spending time with friends and family. We have four chickens who live in a house built by Paul at the end of the Garden and a very lively cockerpoo dog called Molly, who we love dearly.

Last summer one of the hen became broody, so we bought four fertilised eggs for her to hatch - the chicks were so cute.

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